Sri Vidya Sadhana

There are several traditions that do follow Sri Vidya Sadhana Technology. Depending on school where you received your teachings there are different requirements. Some are purely meditative and concentrated on inward journey, but some require elaborate rituals and work on our external part. Some of them do combine both techniques in a very unique way


Guru and guidance

GURU- from darkness to light

Guru means a teacher and when we break down the word into beej or seed sound-syllables,it means darkness to light. bringing light into darkness. when we dont know how to solve our problem or issue we are in darkness, there is no solution and we dwell in that condition. then when the “light” or knowledge is provided we shift from the dark condition into solving the problem.

It could relate to our health and when we know what to change or what medicine to apply we eventually develop healing and our condition improves and disappears. Similarly if the condition relates to our mental or emotional states even more delicate with spiritual difficulties.

However the procedure we are discussing is the transition from one state to another called guru. This principle could be only applied to the archetype, but we reffer to a teacher, who has the knowledge or the light that we need. We can then apply that knowledge and change our condition and circumstances fromm darkness to light. The Guru.